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Green Tea Fat Burner Side Effects.

Green Tea Fat Burner is a supplement that helps you to burn the body fat and lose weight. It combines the antioxidant properties of green tea with other elements like caffeine and chromium. Green tea is made from tea leaves without fermentation, and it also contains and healthy dose of powerful antioxidants, or polyphenols.

This supplement may have a few minor side effects that must be taken into account if when you decide to make use of this drink diet as an aid to lose weight.

Green tea naturally includes caffeine. If you plan to add caffeine to this supplement, it can make you feel a bit jittery. Stimulants like ginseng and ginger are also further included in the supplement besides from caffeine.

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People with anxiety disorders should not take this supplement as it could aggravate their symptoms, and it can lessen the outcome sedatives that they may be taking to get relief from anxiety.


Green tea can give rise to insomnia, particularly amongst people sensitive to caffeine. Many such supplements have extra herbal stimulants like ginseng that may aggravate the side effects. Manufacturers of such supplements often recommend it to be taken in afternoon to reduce the side effects.

Green tea has also been related to increase the risk of damage of liver. Although in most of the cases, problems resolve by itself after the person has discontinued taking green tea. However, in rare cases, there can be permanent liver failure can result by taking excess green tea, which can even require liver transplant. Although there is not much evidence to it, but it is better to avoid it. For people having impaired liver function, or who drink heavy alcohol, or taking any medication concerning liver, he must avoid to consume green tea supplements.

Green tea fat burner can either reduce or boost the effects of some medical prescriptions or medications. for example, green tea can hinder with adenosine, taken to normalize heart rhythms. It can also affect the working of lithium-to treat bipolar disorder, aspirin, chemotherapy medications, and clozapine for antipsychotic condition. Consult doctor before taking green tea fat burner.

4. Blood Clotting
Vitamin K is contained in green tea that promotes normal blood clotting. Though this is good in itself, but if a person is taking anticoagulant medications like warfarin, this green tea fat burner supplement can lessen the efficiency of such medications, and can put his health at risk.

5. Reduced effect of stimulants
Green tea supplement can enhance the effects of drugs, like amphetamines, and alleviate the effect of anti-anxiety medications or other similar sedative drugs. Green tea consumption can be bad to health if it is combined with MAO inhibitors, as it can make the blood pressure rise.

Green tea has been served for a long time in Asia, and believed to cure some illnesses and considered a healthy drink. Green tea is considered safe in its beverage form, but it give rise to some side effects when it is mixed with additions, and labeled as fat burners.